Hidden Harbor's Photo Album
Hidden Harbor's Photo Album
Special Page
Instructions, test page, and a few of JR's ideas.


0408210103059{}{cam001} (See note 5)

040821093057999000 {Last, First name} {org} [fow99.9] Text for this picture (See note 3)

Just a photo No leading numbers No brackets (See note 2)

Maximum photo width (See note 1)
Click the small photos to see the big picture

Photo Edit & Upload Instructions:

1. Copy photos to appropriate gallery month, on your computer.

2. Resize and rename photos (File name must end with .jpg)
      Right click, select “Rename” (No # { } [ ] % & etc.)
      Right click, select edit. Click “Image” “Stretch/Skew” to resize.
      Check photo size. (No wider than large version of above photo)
      Save newly edited photo & close MS-Paint.

3. Open CuteFTP
      Double-click month of interest. (Each side)
      Selcet photos on left to upload.
      Drag selection to right panel.

4. Open Web Browser & view updated month(s)
      Check each new photo for errors and typos. (Both thumbnail & large photo)

Delete Photos on Server:

1. Open CuteFTP (Work in right panel only!)

2. Double-click the month of interest. (Right panel only!)

3. Click once on the file to highlight it.

4. Right-click on highlighted file and select delete.

To delete thumbnails: double-click the "thumb" directory delete all files.
      DO NOT delete the "thumb" folder!
      Thumbs will be rebuilt the next time anyone views this month.


1. Click the thumbnail and measure the full-size photo width.

2. Regular, manually taken photograph. Use any text you want but NO leading numbers, curly or square brackets. ( Leading numbers and brackets are reserved for automated photos.)

3. Automatic fish scale picture. Guest hangs fish on scale then inserts card/badge in reader.
      Computer reads scale and gets guest info from card. Computer adds [fow99.9] to file name.
( Fisk of the Week photo and thumb will be displayed with guest name, date and fish weight.)

4. Card/Badge. Has both an optical barcode on the front, and magnetic stripe on the back.
      Gives guest access to restrooms, clubhouse, etc. Can be programmed to restrict access to specific areas,
      and or stop access after some number of days, or on a given date.
      Staff badges will allow access to all areas.

      Number format: yymmddhhmmss999000
            Date and time of registration.
            Days active.
            Access restrictions.

5. Automatic Security Camera Pictures. ID's the date, time and camera number.
      Security camera photos will be password protected, so causal visitors can't see them.
      Password protected security photos will be viewable from any Internet connected computer.

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